Smart Teaching System

Smart Teaching System presents students’ writing content in the teachers’ computer screen at the same time through the digital technology of paper and pens, which helps teachers to know about kids’ understanding level and thinking progress , as well as improves teaching effectiveness and teaching atmosphere in accordance with their aptitude .

KEY Feature

Traditional writing style

We still retain traditional writing experience that students can write in the paper. It can make a promise to students’ eyes protection without screen and help them develop a great habit to writing.

Ratain handwriting

It will record students every letters done one stroke at a time, like a video to reappear the writing progress.

Class Interaction

Without any preparation before the class, teachers can make a close interaction with students with exercise from textbook and PPT.

Class recording

IAfter the class, teacher will get a report on the class at once that is able to help teachers teach kids based on their ability according to their behaviors.


It can be used for centralized storage in class, and it can also facilitate centralized charging of all equipment and hardware.

Bundle Software

Smart Teaching System PC software

Smart Teaching System Mobile software