E-Schoolbag represents a real digital schoolbag contributing to the improvement of educational informationization in China and cooperation between family and school. It attaches importance on primary school. On top of communicative function from home to school, the digital schoolbag provides abundant educational informationization function, featuring digital education resources and each child's progress. It’s the fact that it can be recommended for digital assistant for children learning and lives.

KEY Feature

Abundant question types and interaction way

It will be in favor of numbers of question types, such as single choice, multiple choice, completion and Connection problems, and interaction ways such as keyboard input, graffiti, Original handwriting and photograph.

Real-time interaction

When teaching controller transits coursewares in the class, students don’t need to download for advance. Students can receive those at one second, and teachers will receive students’ answers at maximum 1.5s, even with a class of 60 students.

Rich platform resources

It has 500G of high-quality resources, more than 30 thousand tests, coursewares and videos, as well as meet the need of teaching in China K12 phase and self-learning.

Powerful functions

Integration of pre-class, in-class, and post-class. Coverage of teaching, learning, exercise, testing, evaluating and improving. Service for students, teachers, family, school.


It can be used for centralized storage in class, and it can also facilitate centralized charging of all equipment and hardware.

Bundle Software

Teachers’ terminal software

Students’ terminal software

Parents’ terminal software